my name is Norman Posselt. I’m a media and technology enthusiast from Berlin, Germany. I graduated university in Media and Communication Sciences, and Economics. During that time I learned a lot about colors, shapes, and the magic in between that makes design reliable, sustainable, and clearly understandable. As a keen photographer and photo editor I also work as a freelancer in these fields.

In July 2013 I joined the incredible Type Development Department at FontShop International to dive deeper into the world of typography and stayed until the end of March 2014. I really you guys.

If you need professional photo experties, a logo, a micro-website or layout and typography advices shoot me an e-mail and hire me!

I’m available for projects!
moc.tlessopnamron@liam Download vCard


Some cool folks I was allowed to work with:


I work as photo editor and photographer for a service called bluespot by Wall AG. I also did a lot of photo stuff for the Goethe-Institut. Did I mention that you can buy some of my photos via Getty Images, Corbis and others? My images are distributed via the wonderful guys at fStop Images. See my collections there.

I try to get the best out of my DSLR’s RAWs and whatever I do, everything is done on color corrected/ calibrated screens.

Social Media

You’re encouraged to stalk my social profiles. By the way, I’m also known as solarez.

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