The basic idea is to get the very best out of my images.

Hello, my name is Norman. I work as a commercial photographer, retoucher, and photo editor in Berlin, Germany.
This website is about me and the way I work. It is intentionally not a portfolio website. If you want to see some of my work you should have a look at my online gallery:

I’m specialising in events, portraits, and stills — I just love working with people.
In the end it’s all about taking visual striking, professional photographs right on spot.
In short: I take photographs that might impress you.


I’m specialising in portraits, events, and stock/ still life. People say that I «really capture moments» and that a lot of my photographs reflect Berlin’s arty environment with start-ups, studios, workshops, and freelancers. I love all things digital, technology, design, and the people behind all these things. It’s the vibrant energy that keeps me doing my work every day.

Besides my main jobs I always have events and projects in focus that are nonprofit. When I see something that captures my attention and I have the feeling that I could contribute in one or another way I’m in.


My photographs have personality. I’m known for a fresh, natural look of my images that are meticulously made.
It all starts with the equipment*. With the right mix of prime and zoom lenses I get the best results for all things I’m focused on. Whether it is the creaminess of a bokeh in a portrait, the sharpness of a fine detail or the wide-angle shot of an event I rely on my tools.
The right environment in combination with an atmospheric light setting is an essential key part as well. Because said in a simple way photography is catching light.
It all ends with my highly trained skills and techniques of digital retouching. I tastefully remove flaws and emphasise details, correct colours and lights, fine tune perspectives and geometry while preserving a naturally perfect look.

But why retouching at all? It’s a question people ask me a lot. That’s pretty easy to answer. We’ve viewing habits and there’s a difference in looking at someone’s face to face or at a photograph. The perception is totally different. You see more details, you pay way more attention on flaws, spots, winkles, eye circles, you name it. A camera just gives it’s own interpretation of the real world that mostly isn’t the result you would expect and – more important – accept. Retouching helps correcting this.
The basic idea is to get the very best out of my images that caters my clients’ taste and fits to their needs.

*Canon 5D Mark IV · Canon EF 16–35mm ƒ/2.8L II USM · Canon EF 50mm ƒ/1.2L USM · Canon EF 85mm ƒ/1.2L II USM · Canon EF 100mm ƒ/2.8L IS Macro USM · Canon EF 70–200mm ƒ/2.8L USM · Manfrotto tripods · Profoto B2 · reflectors · backgrounds · …


I consider myself very lucky to call a lot of my clients friends. Some of them are well known people in the typography and design community and even in completely different areas.
What’s important all the time is a trustful and honest relationship with each other whether it’s a large company or a small design studio. Because only if all sides can engage in it, we get the best results.