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my name is Norman Posselt and I am a freelancer. I take pictures, retouch them, and curate the work of others. Another thing I deeply love is typography. So in July 2013 I joined the incredible Type Development Department at FontShop International now known as FontFont by Monotype to dive deeper into the world of typography and stayed until the end of March 2014.

If you need highly polished photos – portraits, events, products – or some help with typography get in touch and write me an e-mail!

I’m available for projects from mid-July on.
moc.tlessopnamron@liam Download vCard

Clients and Friends

Some cool folks I was or I’m still allowed to work with:


I work as photographer, retoucher, and photo editor for Monotype / FontShop, Wall AG and others in Berlin. I also did a lot of photo stuff for the Goethe-Institut.
Did I mention that you can license some of my photos? The wonderful guys at fStop Images deal with all the managing stuff. See here a list of the “wide, but carefully selected” group of distribution partners.

I try to get the best out of my DSLR’s RAWs and whatever I do, everything is done on color corrected screens. If you would like to see some hand-picked photos I did, have a look at my gallery: decent photography.

Social Media

You’re encouraged to stalk my social profiles. By the way, I’m also known as solarez.

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